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Dj Pudde

8 april 2020

A real Ostend allstar DJ and producer! Known and loved by all, and gives his admiration back in significant sessions adjusted to the flock on the playground.  Pudde – Glenn Vanhove – has a DJ career that started in the mid-90’ s. To put a label on him would be outrageous, because his immense vinyl collection of house music consists of techno, tech house, deep house, progressive, ambient, experimental, and many others. And he will deliver what the people want time after time just because of his variation. This man creates a vibe that will give you the shivers down your spine and goosebumps all over your body. Satisfaction is the correct word to define when you experience a set by Pudde. He occasionally will use a track of his own with a fat base and constructive melodies and you will go bonkers!

In Ostend and large environment there isn’ t a place that he gave his best. And nationwide Pudde was at the turntables at Café d’ Anvers and Fuse, but also at 10 Days Off, Ostend Beach and recently Tomorrowland to name just a few. At Copador he has his appropriate concept “Pudde draait door” on a monthly base. Besides that he’ s part of “Bricoleurs” which is an instrumental live act with vocals, harmonica, sax, bongo,… And to make sure he’ s always occupied with music this amiable guy has his own record label “ Dodgy Recordings”. There he can express his profound, floaty, flexible or severe feeling he has that particular day.

So words cannot pronounce Pudde s reverence for music and it’ s really in his veins.

For BE ONE (this special occasion) he will serve you a Oldskool House set!

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